The Viscious Cycle of Laundry and How to Tame It

May 30, 2017
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Do you hate doing laundry? Does it seem never ending? Have you ever done loads more than once because you can’t figure out if they are dirty or clean? If you answered yes to any of those questions then welcome to the club! Most clients I meet hate doing laundry and get so behind on it that it seems an impossible task.

I can’t get rid of your dirty laundry but I can give you some tips that should help lessen the pain:

  1. Buy clothes that do not have to be washed separately or delicately (and doesn’t have to be ironed). I see this as the first road hump in the laundry obstacle course. You have to do 3 loads instead of 1 because of the fragile or special nature of the clothing. Take dry clean only to the dry cleaners and only buy easy-to-wash clothing for you and your family going forward. You can use the mesh bags to easily toss in under garments and then hang them to dry.
  2. You do not have to watch the washing machine or dryer for it to work. Throw a load in before you run errands or have other chores in the house to do. Set a timer on your phone and transfer to the dryer in an hour or more.
  3. Get your family involved! Teach your kids how to do their own laundry. This will not only save you a ton of time and headaches but also give them a valuable life skill they will definitely need (unless they live with you forever).
  4. After it’s dry, either you or your family member should put it away immediately. This is where most of us get stuck. Fold it in front of the TV and bring some hangers to hang up anything that needs it. Put it away in the closet and or dresser or place the clean laundry in the family member’s room where it belongs.
  5. Each person in the home should have at least 1 basket or better yet 2: one for clean and one for dirty. If there are often mix-ups, get 2 different colors for each person. Dirty clothes go into the darker colored and clean go into the white baskets. No more sniff test to see if it’s clean!
  6. Have a set day each person does their laundry so everyone is not fighting for the machines at the same time. Put it on the calendar. If there is a concern about sport stains have a place (separate basket in the laundry room) to put these clothes that get the stain remover treatment immediately.

If you follow these tips, I promise you will be doing less laundry, less often.


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