6 ways to print out & organize your photos

July 31, 2017
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Do most of your photos stay on your phone or computer? You are not alone!

Smart phones and digital cameras and devices have been a blessing and a curse to those of us who love to take photos. You may share a few on social media but what do you do with the rest?

Here are 6 ways to get your photos out of your phone and into your hands:
1. Groovebook: for $2.99 per month, you get 4×6 book of printed photos that can be used as an album or torn out for a frame. groovebook.com

2. Chatbooks: You get a 30 page book of your favorites from Instagram, Facebook or your camera for $8 per month. chatbooks.com

3. Recently: You choose 50-100 photos and get a monthly magazine (you can edit) for $9.99 per month. getrecently.com

4. Time shel: This is not a book – just prints. You can get 10-30 prints for only $5.95 per month. timeshel.com

5&6: I still love to create my own albums on snapfish or shutterfly. I used two of the books I made myself of our wedding and honeymoon for the photo at the top of this blog post. It’s more time consuming but worth it. Start making an album now to give as a gift for the holidays (you can also make recipe books). snapfish.com and shutterfly.com

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