How to sell your stuff

March 16, 2015
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90% of my clients have a combination of needs when it comes to getting rid of their belongings. We donate most items to Goodwill, Humane Society, Hope House, Pat’s Place, etc. A few broken items have to be thrown away or recycled. Then there is the furniture, clothes, décor, dishes, tools, bedding, etc. that can be sold. There are many different ways to sell these items:

1. Let Simply Organized List online at E-bay or Craigslist:
Pros: You get to advertise to buyers who want your items and will pay accordingly.
Pros: We will ship the item or meet the buyer and exchange money through Paypal (fees) or cash. We will take photos and post your ad online.

Simply Organized will do all the work for you for 45% of the profit.

2. Estate Sale:

If you have a lot of furniture and smaller items in your house and have at least 2 weeks, this is the best method for selling a large quantity and getting the most money.
Pros: The estate sale company does all of the set up, pricing and advertising for you for a minimum fee (usually 30% of profit).
Cons: You will have several hundred strangers in your home for 3 days. It is best to not be present at your own estate sale.

3. Online auction:

This is similar to an estate sale except all sales are done online and no one comes to your home until pick up day.
Pros: The auction company does all the work for you and takes a % of profit.
Cons: This process takes 2 week to set up and auction takes 1 week.

4. Consignment:

Take your clothing or furniture to a consignment store. They usually take 50% of profit.
Pros: They have clientele who are specifically shopping for certain items and they keep your items in their store until they are sold.
Cons: You either have to take your stuff in or pay a moving company to pick it up (furniture). They only take seasonal clothing at certain times per year and they may refuse your items based upon condition or style.

5. Move Loot:

Furniture Consignment that picks up your furniture for free, they list it and sell it for a 50% commission.
Pros: They pick up your furniture for free.
Cons: They only take furniture and some decorative items.

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to selling your stuff.  We can help you with any and all of the options I’ve listed.

Please contact Simply Organized for referrals to any of the above businesses or help with your items you would like to donate or sell.

404-825-2105 or

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