How to sell your stuff

March 16, 2015
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90% of my clients have a combination of needs when it comes to getting rid of their belongings. We donate most items to Goodwill, Humane Society, Hope House, Pat’s Place, etc. A few broken items have to be thrown away or recycled. Then there is the furniture, clothes, décor, dishes, tools, bedding, etc. that can be sold. There are many different ways to sell these items:

1. Let Simply Organized List online at E-bay or Craigslist:
Pros: You get to advertise to buyers who want your items and will pay accordingly.
Pros: We will ship the item or meet the buyer and exchange money through Paypal (fees) or cash. We will take photos and post your ad online.

Simply Organized will do all the work for you for 45% of the profit.

2. Estate Sale:

If you have a lot of furniture and smaller items in your house and have at least 2 weeks, this is the best method for selling a large quantity and getting the most money.
Pros: The estate sale company does all of the set up, pricing and advertising for you for a minimum fee (usually 30% of profit).
Cons: You will have several hundred strangers in your home for 3 days. It is best to not be present at your own estate sale.

3. Online auction:

This is similar to an estate sale except all sales are done online and no one comes to your home until pick up day.
Pros: The auction company does all the work for you and takes a % of profit.
Cons: This process takes 2 week to set up and auction takes 1 week.

4. Consignment:

Take your clothing or furniture to a consignment store. They usually take 50% of profit.
Pros: They have clientele who are specifically shopping for certain items and they keep your items in their store until they are sold.
Cons: You either have to take your stuff in or pay a moving company to pick it up (furniture). They only take seasonal clothing at certain times per year and they may refuse your items based upon condition or style.

5. Move Loot:

Furniture Consignment that picks up your furniture for free, they list it and sell it for a 50% commission.
Pros: They pick up your furniture for free.
Cons: They only take furniture and some decorative items.

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to selling your stuff.  We can help you with any and all of the options I’ve listed.

Please contact Simply Organized for referrals to any of the above businesses or help with your items you would like to donate or sell.

404-825-2105 or

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Recipe Organizing – great snow day project

February 17, 2015
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recipeblog5So today was a very icy day in Cumming, GA – no power, no TV, no internet, etc. I’ve been wanting to get my recipes in order for years and my husband gave me this beautiful recipe book for Christmas.  I took pictures of my progress so maybe this will be a helpful project for you to tackle someday.

I decided to go the paper route. You can certainly scan or copy your recipes onto your computer so you can have them electronically.  We did this years ago for my mom’s recipes and made her a printed book for a gift and CD’s for all of her children to have.  Now we can easily e-mail them or print them out if needed.


1. Throw away all those recipes you’ve had for years and never used. You can always look something up online.


2. Organize the recipes you want to keep into categories that make sense to you. “Appetizers”, Soups and Salads”, “Main Dishes”, “Desserts”, “Breads”, etc.


3. Either use a pre-made book like the one in the photo above or get a 3-ring binder. With either option you are going to want 81/2 x 11 sheet protectors and or 4×6 photo or recipe card holder pages to insert your recipes.


4. Simple way = place your recipes into sheet protectors /More difficult (but prettier) = type or write all of your recipes onto the same type card (index or recipe cards) and then insert into 4×6 card holder pages. The book my husband gave me already had blank recipe cards and recipe card holder pages in it.


5. After you’ve inserted all recipes into sheet protectors, place them into your book or binder by category. If using a 3-ring binder, use tabbed sheets in between categories and label them “Appetizer”, etc.

Wahlaa – in about 1 hour, you should have all your recipes in one book, organized by category and easy to use anytime you’re in the mood to cook.


If you would like my help in your home or business, please contact me at 404-825-2105 or

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Favorite Organizing Products 2015

February 15, 2015
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pool 019

Every time I give a presentation to a group I get asked what are my favorite organizing products. What do I like to use? what is the most useful? etc. I usually bring several for a show-and-tell to help people visualize organizing and time management.

Zip Lock Bags – I use them every single day. I love all sizes from snack to jumbo. They are great for organizing items like-with-like. Use them in your junk drawer to put all your paper clips together, loose change, rubber bands, extra keys, etc. Use them in your purse to keep your gift cards together or separate your pills from your hair products and your make-up so it doesn’t spill all over the inside.

Over-the-door shoe holders – Put one on the back of every door in your home! I prefer the kind with clear pockets. Real Simple makes an excellent one you can buy at Bed Bath and Beyond (don’t forget your 20% coupon). Use one in your home office: paperclips, envelopes, pens and pencils, staplers. In your bathroom: cotton balls, q-tips, make-up, vitamins, jewelry. In your closet: all of the various charging cords for your electronics, socks, gloves, belts, scarves.

Clear plastic bins – If you need to organize and contain items in rooms like the garage, toy room, storage room, or pantry, clear bins work great. They come in every size imaginable and are reasonably priced at Big Lots, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, etc. Put all like items together, place them in the container and label it if you like. In your pantry, get small and medium size to contain the snacks, bags of chips, candy, and baking items.

Non-slip hangers – Buying the same type of non-bulky hanger and hanging all items in your closet on them will create 50% more space in your closet.  Wooden and padded hangers take up the most space. The wire hangers you get from your cleaners allow for most items to slide off.  You can get the thin non-slip hangers in bulk from BB&B or Costco.

Plastic “accordion” folders –  For $1 each, you can purchase see-through plastic Velcro-close folders and accordion file folders at Target or Walmart. Use the see through for your coupons and or gift cards. Keep them in your car at all times and you are more likely to use them.  Put an alarm on your calendar once a month to weed through and get rid of expired coupons.  The accordion file folders are great for projects like taxes.  Put each item you receive during the year into the folder labeled taxes.  Having all of your receipts and documents in one place makes tax time so much easier.

Would you like some help? Call me at 404-825-2105 or

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Nobody Is Perfect

February 15, 2015
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I love Pinterest. There, I said it – I love Pinterest.  Most people who have used the site love it as much as I do.  I often re-pin beautifully organized closets, pantries and cabinet spaces. We like to look at pretty things.  The reason there are super models and actors on the covers of most magazines is because we like beautiful photos. Is it realistic for us to look like those actors and models? No. Is it realistic for you to have a pantry that looks like the one you just re-pinned? No.

Let’s all lower our expectations a smidge.  If we had all the money and time in the world, this would be a much different conversation.  My definition of being organized is to be able to find what you need, when you need it.  Being organized is about enjoying your space and it not causing you added anxiety.  Having a “photo-ready” home is an unrealistic goal for most of us.

You may need help:

  • if things are falling on you every time you open your closet
  • if you are always losing your keys or cell phone
  • if you don’t open your mail for weeks at a time, if you are chronically late
  • if you have no idea what is inside of that drawer
  • if you are unsure the last time you wore that sweater

However, if your closet doesn’t look like the one your friend just pinned, it’s o.k. Most organized people don’t have homes that look like the ones in the pretty photos.

By the way, here’s where you can find me on Pinterest:

Would you like some help? Call Simply Organized 404-825-2105 or

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How To Work With An Organizer

February 15, 2015
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Most people have never worked with an organizer before.  I’m going to give you a few tips and tools that will not only help you if you ever hire an organizer, but will help you organize yourself as well.

1. SHOP LAST: Almost all of my clients want to go shopping first – before I have even seen their home – they want to know what items to have ready when I show up.  This is a very common assumption.   You can’t know what you will need until after you organize the space.  This is why spending $1000 at the Container Store (or any store) will not magically make you more organized.  75% of all of my clients already have the items we need to get them organized. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you are going to have to make some decisions about your stuff and spend some time and energy to get organized.  Don’t worry, having an organizer makes this process way less painful and will actually save you time and money in the future.

2. ORGANIZERS ARE NOT PSYCHIC: Trust me, I wish we were – it would make life so much easier.  We can sort through your papers, clothing, dishes and other items, sort them into like-itemed groups, make a pile we think you will discard and even get a list of your clothing sizes so we can weed out the high school clothing that may lurk in the back of your closet. We can not however make the assumption or decision to get rid of your stuff without asking you.  I often work without my clients present but always need them at the end of a session or work week to give me the final say so.

3. COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY TO EXCELLENT RESULTS: I always start my projects with a written goal and the steps necessary to reach that goal along with an estimate of time and money needed to achieve said goal.  We are all human and plans change.  Organizers are usually TYPE A individuals who love plans.  Don’t get me wrong, we accept change and can roll with it as long as our clients communicate with us.  Whether you’ve changed your mind or had a family emergency, just let your organizer know (in advance if possible) so they can ensure your new goals get met just as efficiently and effectively as the original plans.

4. ORGANIZERS ARE PROBLEM SOLVERS: Don’t just tell us about your desire to own a fully functional pantry, let us know what else is going on in your home and life – we may have the solutions. Some organizers are also home stagers, designers and professional packers.  I’ve helped clients find repair crews, painters, pest control, cleaners, floor refinishers, career counselors, a new home for a pet, etc. Organizers have a large network of resources especially if they are members of NAPO (National Association of Profession Organizers) like me.

5. DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE: I know we are all very busy people these days but the earlier you call us, the better we can help you.  I have people contact me the day before they are moving at least three times per year.  I have performed some pretty amazing organizer magic but it caused lots of unnecessary stress to everyone involved. Most people tend to put off the tasks they do not want to do so I understand why I get last minute calls but just bite the bullet and call.  Setting the appointment is the hardest part; the rest of the process is like hiring a personal trainer. We have the organizing skills plus the motivation to get the job done.

Pick up the phone and call today: 404-825-2105 or

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Myths about Organizers

January 15, 2015
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faqs3Most people have no idea what I do on a daily basis. In fact, many have never heard of a Professional Organizer. Believe it or not, I do not work with hoarders every day and I definitely do not go into homes and throw all of my clients belongings away either.

This is a wonderful article about the myths and facts surrounding our profession:

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Instead of Tangible Gifts….

December 2, 2014
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I spend most of my days de-cluttering people’s homes. Even though it’s the way I earn my living, I feel it’s my ethical duty to offer an alternative to all the extra stuff this holiday season.

For the holidays, instead of exchanging packages and bags filled with picture frames, candles, sweaters (that never fit) or gadgets, ask for and give something more special this year. Give memories, time and love. How do you do that?

Give a gift certificate for something your loved one needs or wants for instance: massage, manicure, maid service, or an organizing session (I’ll send you a gift certificate).

One of my favorite gifts to give is a date night = restaurant and movie gift card plus baby sitting time so your friend or family member can go out together while you stay with their kids.

Make a photo album or recipe book using Shutter Fly or Snapfish. Give the gift of photo scanning from Pixorium in order to save those important photos.

For a special memory, give them concert tickets, a trip to the botanical gardens, zoo, aquarium or a cool play or comedy show – anything y’all can do together they would enjoy.

Or instead of cash, give an Amazon gift card or one to a store like Walmart or Target so they can buy whatever they want.

If you hesitate to give a gift card because it seems too easy or thoughtless, pair it with something small they will use like a Starbucks card wrapped in a coffee mug or their favorite book or CD wrapped with the gift card.

I promise you, your loved one will not only appreciate you getting something they will actually use, they will also appreciate you not adding any clutter to their home.

For more ideas or to purchase an organizing session for your friend or family, call Heather at 404-825-2105 or e-mail


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To Shred or Not To Shred?

November 16, 2014
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about-us2I took over 25 large bags of my clients’ documents to shred at a free shredding event in John’s Creek, GA yesterday. Many of my clients wonder what they should shred and what can be thrown away. This is a great article that answers those questions from The Washington State Office of the Attorney General:

Why shred?

“Dumpster diving,” or rifling through trash cans for personal information, is a tactic used by identity thieves. You are taking a terrible risk if you don’t shred sensitive material.

Invest in a shredder for your home or office, preferably one that “cross cuts” (slices in two directions), and destroy all sensitive information including bank and credit card statements you no longer need, carbon-copy charge receipts with your account information, insurance forms, physician bills, etc. If your shredder can’t handle plastic, use scissors to cut up expired credit and identification cards before discarding them.

For larger jobs, consider hiring a commercial shredding company.

What should I shred?

In short, destroy all sensitive information including junk mail and paperwork that includes:
Account numbers
Birth dates
Passwords and PINs
Social Security numbers

To protect your privacy, you should also consider shredding items that include:
Phone numbers
E-mail addresses

How long should I keep sensitive documents?

When sorting through dusty file boxes or the pile of papers on your desk, it’s easy to become confused as to which records you need to keep and those you should shred. Here are some guidelines to help you determine how long to keep records:
Tax Records: Seven years, to be safe. The IRS has three years to audit your return if the agency suspects you made a mistake and up to six years if you likely underreported your gross income by 25 percent or more. If you failed to file a return for any year, keep records indefinitely.
Pay Stubs: One year. Match them up to your W2 form, then shred.
Bank Statements: One year. But hold onto records related to your taxes, business expenses, home improvements, mortgage payments and major purchases for as long as you need them. Many financial institutions now provide the option to receive your bank and credit statements online instead of by mail.
Credit Card Statements: At least 45 days. The rules here are similar to those for bank statements; hang on to those you may need for your taxes or as proof of purchase. Shred the rest after you’ve confirmed payment.
Medical Records: At least a year, but often longer. Keep medical bills for at least a year in case of a dispute over a reimbursement. Some experts suggest keeping other records for five years from the time treatment for the symptoms ended. Hang on to information about prescription information, specific medical histories, health insurance information and contact information for your physician.
Insurance Records: Keep policy information for the life of the policy plus an additional five years.

Additional records such as statements, hospital bills, car repair bills, copies of prescriptions, etc. should be kept up to five years from the date the service was provided.
Utility and phone bills: Shred them after you’ve paid them, unless they contain tax-deductible expenses.
IRA Contributions: Until you withdraw the money. You can shred quarterly statements as soon as you match them with your yearly statement.
Home Purchase/Sale/Improvements: Until six years after you sell. Improvements you make and expenses such as your real estate agent’s commission are factored in when you sell your home, lowering your capital gains tax.
Warranties: As long as they are current. Expired warranties can be recycled, unless they contain personal information.

Can I recycle shredded paper?

That depends. According to the City of Seattle’s Web site, confetti-like pieces from cross-cut shredders have no retrievable fibers for recycling. Cross-cut shredded paper can be added to yard waste carts or garbage. Other sources indicate that shredded paper can be recycled if its bundled, so check with your waste service provider.

Here are some suggesting for re-using shredded paper: Substitute for tissue paper in gift bags or baskets, ship fragile items, line your hamster’s cage, add it to a worm composting bin, kids’ art projects, such as stuffing pillows or bean bags.

Some commercial shredders pulverize paper. Others cross-shred. Many commercial shredders transport the destroyed documents to a recycling center to be used as paper or other products. Check with individual companies per their procedures.

Below is a list of specific items to consider shredding for your safety and privacy:
Address labels from junk mail and magazines
ATM receipts
Bank statements
Birth certificate copies
Canceled and voided checks
Credit and charge card bills, carbon copies, summaries and receipts
Credit reports and histories
Employee pay stubs
Employment records
Expired credit and identification cards including driver’s licenses, college IDs, military IDs, employee badges, medical insurance cards, etc. (If your shredder can’t handle plastic, cut up cards with a scissors before discarding them.)
Expired passports and visas
Legal documents
Insurance documents
Investment, stock and property transactions
Luggage tags
Medical and dental records
Papers with a Social Security number
Pre-approved credit card applications
Receipts with checking account numbers
Report cards
Resumés or curriculum vitae
Signatures (such as those found on leases, contracts, letters)
Tax forms
Travel itineraries
Used airline tickets
Utility bills (telephone, gas, electric, water, cable TV, Internet)

If you would like some help sorting through your papers, please contact us at 404-825-2105 or

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Angie’s List Review

October 6, 2014
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I don’t have a section on my website for customer reviews because I never want to brag. Most of my reviews are on Google Plus or Angie’s List (and I’m proud to be highly rated on both – BRAG).
I want to share this review with you not only because it is a good one but because it shows why I love my career. I really do feel like I get to help people and feel a sense of accomplishment at the same time. Elizabeth was very motivated and a joy to work with. This is the review she wrote on Angie’s List:

Member Comments:
If there were a rating higher than an A, Heather is certainly worthy of that grade. I would give her a 5-star. I have had 3 surgeries in 2 years, my son moved back in with me for 2 years when he completed his military tour and my house had gotten out of hand. I wasn’t able to do very much due to health issues and was in dire need of organization and clutter clearing.

Heather’s initial visit was to assess the project and determine the amount of time needed and then developed a plan to tackle all of my various needs. She is incredibly organized, very high energy, extremely positive/can-do attitude and has a sincere passion for what she does. She is definitely like the Energizer Bunny!!!!!!

She started first by moving the furniture in the two rooms, worked on de-cluttering, arranged the furniture: desk/filing cabinet and bed in such a way as to make the room very pleasing and more functional. She set up stations for donations/shredding/trash/filing/decorative items, etc. and then set about clearing 2 closets and the office of 7 years of paperwork, clothing, bedding, decorative items. The 3 closets where so full you were unable to get into the closets. The two unused bathrooms had turned into storage as well and Heather cleared them out and now they are beautiful and functional!!!!

I had put off this project for so long because it was completely overwhelming to me. Heather tackled each area and made the tasks doable and believe it or not, fun!!!!!! As part of her service I was so grateful that she took everything to a donation center, recycle center and shredding center. Within a day or two I got an email from her with a receipt and a list of donation items for my taxes. She is incredible!!!!!

This past week I just walked around the rooms in amazement and wonder and have opened the closets to just stare inside because everything looks so amazing. I would highly recommend Heather for any job large or small and can’t wait for her to come back in a few weeks to tackle my garage.
Share on Band of Neighbors:
Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A

If you need my help, please contact me at or 404-825-2105
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September 5, 2014
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Would you like your pantry, kid’s toys, bathroom cabinets, closets, garage, home office, and every other space in your house to look neat and organized? CONTAIN IT!

My father always says that the difference between his “junk” and my mom’s “junk” is that hers is in a pretty box so it’s ok. Well in many ways, he is right. The first way it’s ok is that it is contained in a pretty box so it doesn’t look like there is stuff spread all over a desk or counter top. The second thing she’s doing is containing all “like” items so she can easily find what she’s looking for when she needs it.

Containing and labeling the items in each room will help you not only find what you need but make your home cleaner and neater looking.  Unfortunately,  just buying a bunch of containers will not get you organized. You need to go through your items and only contain what you are using.  Anything you haven’t used in a year or anything broken can be donated to a charity or discarded.

Today, I used these really cool containers I found at Target to organize a client’s pantry.


All the seasoning packets went into a small container, all the bread went into a larger container and so on. When you contain like items, they are easy to find, odd sized items don’t fall off shelves or spill and when the container is getting empty, it’s easier to identify what you need to buy more of.

They make all different sizes, shapes and colored containers. If you need to contain tiny toy pieces like Legos try these:


Larger toys can go into a storage ottoman like this:



Electrical cords, office supplies or even accessories would look great in these:


Hang one of these shoe holders on the back of any door in your home to store vitamins, charger cords, bathroom toiletries, arts and crafts, cleaning supplies, socks and gloves – any small item in any room.


If you’re trying to contain large items like tools in a garage or holiday decorations, go with a large plastic bin. I prefer clear but they come in lots of colors.

Please call me if you need help containing. Simply Organized 404-825-2105 or

*** All pictured items came from ***

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