Solutions to your Wrapping Conundrums

November 30, 2015
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If you are tired of the “not tall enough” plastic wrapping paper container, this post is for you! I recently helped one of my clients re-do her wrapping storage. The first time we worked together, we put everything in under-the-bed bags and stored them under the guest bed. This became an issue after a knee injury so I ordered some hanging storage items (one for bags and one for ribbons, scissors, tape and tags) off Amazon because they are very hard to find in stores. Then I purchased an extra long paper storage tube at Bed Bath and Beyond. See the before and after photos below:




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Why This Generation Does Not Want Our Parent’s Stuff

September 28, 2015
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There was an excellent article earlier this year in the AJC titled “We collect stuff all our lives. Then what?” It brought up an important discussion between my parents and I as well as sparked a lot of debate with my fellow organizers and our clients.  I’ve been accused of being “cold hearted” by my mother because I do not want her china cabinet and Spanish inspired walnut dining furniture from 1968.  My goal in writing this post is to explain to our baby boomers and their parents that we are not cold hearted or lacking in sentiment but have been raised in a materialistic disposable time.

My parents were raised by the generation who lived through the depression and two World Wars.  They were taught to appreciate everything because they survived a time where there was nothing.  While I was raised to appreciate hard work, my parents also gave us a very easy life full of whatever food, clothes and toys we wanted.  Each generation wants to provide the best for their children. My generation has been able to buy whatever we need at affordable prices making us mass consumers of everything from electronics to cars and homes. This has lead to a disposable attitude towards the goods we purchase.

It is also much harder to find furniture and goods that are high quality and long lasting. We can buy a room full of furniture for less than $1000 so we don’t care as much if it is out of style or breaks after 5-10 years. Many newer homes don’t even have dining rooms or formal living rooms anymore. The number one hardest thing to sell right now in the furniture world is a china cabinet. Most of my friends don’t use real china or silver when entertaining; we are much more casual. I think this is a combination of two-income households and being way too busy.

I’m not trying to make excuses for my generation but I do want our elders to understand, we aren’t trying to be rude or callous when we tell you not to hold onto your stuff for us. We want you to get any money or value you can from the items you worked so hard to buy for yourself. You do not have to know the person who will wind up with your treasures. If you can sell it or donate it, I promise someone will love it and take care of it as much as you did.

I also want to re-iterate a point I made a couple of years ago about storage. Please do not waste money storing items you will never use again or items for your kids or grand kids if they tell you they do not want them. The AJC article brings up two alarming statistics: “Last year, we spent about $7.7 billion on stuff to organize our stuff and another $24 billion to store it”.

I know all big changes like moving or getting rid of items can be very stressful. Please contact us so we can help you feel less over whelmed. We now have a re-selling division of Simply Organized. What we can not re sell for you, we will find a charity to give it to.

Heather Rogers 404-825-2105 or


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Back To School Made Simple

July 21, 2015
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Can you believe it’s only 3 weeks until the kids go back to school?  Don’t panic! Simply Organized is going to make it simple this year. I’m speaking Sunday July 26th from 2-3pm at the Cumming Library on how you can simplify your back to school this year. Here are a few tips to get you started:



Most schools have the list posted online for each grade. You can also buy “packs” from most schools which include all needed supplies.  I recommend you print out your list and shop at home first. You probably have tons of paper, pencils and more left over from last year. Gather everything on the list into one place and check those items off.  The rest can be purchased at any retail store and most have great deals right now.

(ex. Crayons, Ziplock bags, glue, scissors, folders, paper, pencils)


Make time to have your children try on the clothes and shoes they wore last year to see what fits.  For the first couple of months (at least in the south) they can probably stay in their summer clothes but go ahead and make a list of their fall and winter wardrobe needs now.

(ex. NEED Shirts: short sleeved #4, long sleeved #4, pants #5, shoes #1, socks #5)




You should have a dry erase, paper or electronic shared calendar for your family.  Each member should have their own color. Place all activities on the calendar including after school, trips, sleep overs, teacher meetings and weekend plans.


Even if every day is a little different, families thrive on schedules. Have a PLAN B for days with after school activities and a PLAN C for weekends.  To combat confusion and set expectations, use the following daily routines:

Wake up time (ex. 6:30am) eat breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth

Out the door time (ex. no later than 7:30 am)

Home work time (after school ex. 3:30-4:30) play time, chores

Dinner time (ex. 6:30 pm) then game or tv, bath, brush teeth, read story

Bed time (ex. 8 pm)


A place for everything and everything in it’s place – right?  Start these good habits with your family now and it will save you time and stress later.


Every person in your family should have their own hook and or basket near the entry and exit of your home.  Even if you do not have a mud room, you can easily create this area around a storage bench, breakfast room, laundry room or garage. This is also a great place to put a family calendar.

mudroom 2

Each night before bed: all homework is completed and put into backpacks near the exit.  Make lunches (or let your kids do it), snacks and even breakfast the night before and have it in the fridge ready to go.  Lay out your children’s clothes (or have them do it) the night before. Keep their shoes in their closets with their clothes or in a storage bench or basket near the door. Use a charging station for all phones, laptops, etc. and plus them in before you go to bed. Keep the charging station near your keys. Do the same thing every day and you will not be frantically looking for your keys, phone, shoes and homework every morning before school.


Kids love having a few responsibilities and they love helping mom and dad.  Depending on the age and maturity of your child, most experts recommend you start adding 1-2 tasks each year starting when you feel they are ready.  Most kids can start with making their bed, brushing their teeth and picking out their clothes.  When you think they are ready, add setting the table, clearing the dishes, unloading the dish washer and making their own lunch to their daily or weekly chore chart. This makes them feel proud and helps you out at the same time.  The chore list below was found at You can customize it and print it out.


Back to School should be a fun time. It’s a fresh start and a new beginning for you and your kids. Try to get the task completed early so you can enjoy it!

If you need any help with organizing your home or your time, please contact Simply Organized at 404-825-2105 or email us at:






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Happy Father’s Day – Garage renovation for my dad

June 17, 2015
Happy Father’s Day – Garage renovation for my dad
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june 2015 072 june 2015 126june 2015 096

Three years ago, my parents remodeled their 1974 home. They left one space off the list – the garage. My dad asked his contractor to put the old kitchen cabinets in his garage so he could use them someday. We have been asking him when he’s going to remodel his garage for three years.

Two weeks ago (while my parents were out of town) my brothers, husband and I decided to tackle dad’s garage project as a surprise father’s day gift. My parents came home yesterday to an updated organized garage. I’m excited to report that both of my parents love what we did (trust me – we were nervous) and I’m also pleased to be able to show you the before and after photos along with some tips on how you can make this happen for your own space.

If you’ve read my blogs before, you know there is a way to organize every space and we used the same methods for my dad’s garage as we would for any room:
1. Take all items out and sort them with like items (yard tools together, power tools, cleaning supplies, auto supplies, nails, screws, etc. My parents also keep camping chairs, paper towels, extra lumber, folding tables and lots of coolers in their garage.

june 2015 112
2. Get rid of anything that is broken, hasn’t been used in years and multiples. My dad is a saver so this was difficult. I threw away and or donated his broken weed eater (he had 2), a recalled de-humidifier, an old leather chair, 2 old kid’s car seats, Styrofoam coolers and several empty cardboard boxes and plastic containers.

june 2015 070

3. We hired a painter to paint the walls, cabinets and ceiling.  As you can see in the photos, they started with dark paneling so lightening up the space was a must. I ordered new cabinet hardware online to update and refresh the old cabinets.

4. My brothers and husband are very handy so they built a countertop for the lower cabinets and installed peg board. They also ran (plug in) lighting and added two power strips to make electrical access easier for tools. On the walls, they added inexpensive hooks to hang ladders, power yard tools and a hanging strip for the rakes and shovels.  I bought three new shelves and put them together (very easy) for the bulky items that would not fit into cabinets.

june 2015 097 june 2015 105

5. When we started putting all of my father’s stuff back into the garage, we made sure everything had a proper home and all like items were together. For instance, all of his screws and nails are in clear plastic containers inside the same cabinet. Also in that cabinet are nuts and bolts. In a lower cabinet we put cans of paint. On the shelving, we got larger clear plastic bins to house auto supplies like oil, anti freeze, and oil funnel.  In a different container we placed all the gardening supplies.

6. You may need to relocate some items that don’t belong in the space. We put their folding table in their basement and a large picture frame in their storage closet inside.

***It’s important to note that this process is about finding the right amount and size space for the particular items. You may need to move some items around a few times in order to find the perfect spot.

Now you can see there is enough room in the garage for all of my parents items and to park two cars.  More importantly, the garage  is now a space that is functional and my dad will want to work there.  It also matches the remodeled inside of their home.

june 2015 127 june 2015 126 june 2015 124 june 2015 123 june 2015 122 june 2015 115


If you would like help with your garage or any space in your home, please contact us at 404-825-2105 or

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Get Your Taxes Done Today and Sleep Better Tonight!

March 30, 2015
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Every year I write a blog about doing your taxes. Last year I focused on charitable donations: This year I want to try to minimize the stress associated with doing your taxes.

Many people do their own taxes on Turbo Tax or another software program, some go to a service like H&R Block or hire a different CPA firm or private accountant. No matter which method you prefer to get your taxes filed, my motto is just get started – now. Procrastination adds so much stress that is unnecessary. Figure out why you are putting it off and change the behavior.

I’m not sure anyone thinks doing taxes is fun, but if you are putting them off for any other reason, I may be able to help you out.

1. Are you delaying your tax filing because you don’t feel like you know what you are doing? Hire a professional. The cost is minimal compared to the amount of time and stress you will save.

2. Is your paper work a mess? Take 1 hour and get it all together in one place, then hire an accountant. If you can’t face it, hire me or another organizer to get your paper work together for you.

3. Are you unaware of what is needed to file your taxes this year? Here is a check list for you:

4. Are you afraid you will owe money? Delaying the process of filing your taxes will not help. You will have to pay eventually. If you don’t have the money to pay right now, go ahead and file an extension:

I hope some of that helped you feel better. Doing your taxes does not have to take up a ton of time or cause any stress. Once you commit to doing it, it’s a fairly simple process. Remember there are only two things that are certain in life – death and taxes. You can’t avoid them so you may as well check “DO TAXES” off your list!

Need some help, Call us: Simply Organized 404-825-2105 or send us an e-mail:

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How to sell your stuff

March 16, 2015
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90% of my clients have a combination of needs when it comes to getting rid of their belongings. We donate most items to Goodwill, Humane Society, Hope House, Pat’s Place, etc. A few broken items have to be thrown away or recycled. Then there is the furniture, clothes, décor, dishes, tools, bedding, etc. that can be sold. There are many different ways to sell these items:

1. Estate Sale:

If you have a lot of furniture and smaller items in your house and have at least 2 weeks, this is the best method for selling a large quantity and getting the most money.
Pros: The estate sale company does all of the set up, pricing and advertising for you for a minimum fee (usually 30% of profit).
Cons: You will have several hundred strangers in your home for 3 days. It is best to not be present at your own estate sale.

2. Online auction:

This is similar to an estate sale except all sales are done online and no one comes to your home until pick up day.
Pros: The auction company does all the work for you and takes a % of profit.
Cons: This process takes 2 week to set up and auction takes 1 week.

3. Consignment:

Take your clothing or furniture to a consignment store. They usually take 50% of profit.
Pros: They have clientele who are specifically shopping for certain items and they keep your items in their store until they are sold.
Cons: You either have to take your stuff in or pay a moving company to pick it up (furniture). They only take seasonal clothing at certain times per year and they may refuse your items based upon condition or style.

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to selling your stuff.  If you don’t have many items to sell or they are not in great condition, consider having a charity pick them up for free. It will often save you a lot of time which is priceless.

Please contact Simply Organized for referrals to any of the above businesses or help with your items you would like to donate or sell.

404-825-2105 or

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Recipe Organizing – great snow day project

February 17, 2015
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recipeblog5So today was a very icy day in Cumming, GA – no power, no TV, no internet, etc. I’ve been wanting to get my recipes in order for years and my husband gave me this beautiful recipe book for Christmas.  I took pictures of my progress so maybe this will be a helpful project for you to tackle someday.

I decided to go the paper route. You can certainly scan or copy your recipes onto your computer so you can have them electronically.  We did this years ago for my mom’s recipes and made her a printed book for a gift and CD’s for all of her children to have.  Now we can easily e-mail them or print them out if needed.


1. Throw away all those recipes you’ve had for years and never used. You can always look something up online.


2. Organize the recipes you want to keep into categories that make sense to you. “Appetizers”, Soups and Salads”, “Main Dishes”, “Desserts”, “Breads”, etc.


3. Either use a pre-made book like the one in the photo above or get a 3-ring binder. With either option you are going to want 81/2 x 11 sheet protectors and or 4×6 photo or recipe card holder pages to insert your recipes.


4. Simple way = place your recipes into sheet protectors /More difficult (but prettier) = type or write all of your recipes onto the same type card (index or recipe cards) and then insert into 4×6 card holder pages. The book my husband gave me already had blank recipe cards and recipe card holder pages in it.


5. After you’ve inserted all recipes into sheet protectors, place them into your book or binder by category. If using a 3-ring binder, use tabbed sheets in between categories and label them “Appetizer”, etc.

Wahlaa – in about 1 hour, you should have all your recipes in one book, organized by category and easy to use anytime you’re in the mood to cook.


If you would like my help in your home or business, please contact me at 404-825-2105 or

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Favorite Organizing Products 2015

February 15, 2015
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pool 019

Every time I give a presentation to a group I get asked what are my favorite organizing products. What do I like to use? what is the most useful? etc. I usually bring several for a show-and-tell to help people visualize organizing and time management.

Zip Lock Bags – I use them every single day. I love all sizes from snack to jumbo. They are great for organizing items like-with-like. Use them in your junk drawer to put all your paper clips together, loose change, rubber bands, extra keys, etc. Use them in your purse to keep your gift cards together or separate your pills from your hair products and your make-up so it doesn’t spill all over the inside.

Over-the-door shoe holders – Put one on the back of every door in your home! I prefer the kind with clear pockets. Real Simple makes an excellent one you can buy at Bed Bath and Beyond (don’t forget your 20% coupon). Use one in your home office: paperclips, envelopes, pens and pencils, staplers. In your bathroom: cotton balls, q-tips, make-up, vitamins, jewelry. In your closet: all of the various charging cords for your electronics, socks, gloves, belts, scarves.

Clear plastic bins – If you need to organize and contain items in rooms like the garage, toy room, storage room, or pantry, clear bins work great. They come in every size imaginable and are reasonably priced at Big Lots, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, etc. Put all like items together, place them in the container and label it if you like. In your pantry, get small and medium size to contain the snacks, bags of chips, candy, and baking items.

Non-slip hangers – Buying the same type of non-bulky hanger and hanging all items in your closet on them will create 50% more space in your closet.  Wooden and padded hangers take up the most space. The wire hangers you get from your cleaners allow for most items to slide off.  You can get the thin non-slip hangers in bulk from BB&B or Costco.

Plastic “accordion” folders –  For $1 each, you can purchase see-through plastic Velcro-close folders and accordion file folders at Target or Walmart. Use the see through for your coupons and or gift cards. Keep them in your car at all times and you are more likely to use them.  Put an alarm on your calendar once a month to weed through and get rid of expired coupons.  The accordion file folders are great for projects like taxes.  Put each item you receive during the year into the folder labeled taxes.  Having all of your receipts and documents in one place makes tax time so much easier.

Would you like some help? Call me at 404-825-2105 or

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Nobody Is Perfect

February 15, 2015
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I love Pinterest. There, I said it – I love Pinterest.  Most people who have used the site love it as much as I do.  I often re-pin beautifully organized closets, pantries and cabinet spaces. We like to look at pretty things.  The reason there are super models and actors on the covers of most magazines is because we like beautiful photos. Is it realistic for us to look like those actors and models? No. Is it realistic for you to have a pantry that looks like the one you just re-pinned? No.

Let’s all lower our expectations a smidge.  If we had all the money and time in the world, this would be a much different conversation.  My definition of being organized is to be able to find what you need, when you need it.  Being organized is about enjoying your space and it not causing you added anxiety.  Having a “photo-ready” home is an unrealistic goal for most of us.

You may need help:

  • if things are falling on you every time you open your closet
  • if you are always losing your keys or cell phone
  • if you don’t open your mail for weeks at a time, if you are chronically late
  • if you have no idea what is inside of that drawer
  • if you are unsure the last time you wore that sweater

However, if your closet doesn’t look like the one your friend just pinned, it’s o.k. Most organized people don’t have homes that look like the ones in the pretty photos.

By the way, here’s where you can find me on Pinterest:

Would you like some help? Call Simply Organized 404-825-2105 or

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